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Thank you for your interest in - the best independently generated entertainment direct from creators and small teams. is a searchable marketplace for genre entertainment in various media. Vendors are responsible for maintaining the pages linked to on their own sites and keeping them within's guidelines for appropriate content. Just like at a real life convention, vendors handle their own customer service and payment arrangements.

This is not a crowdfund or patronage marketplace. Vendors must have items that exist and are ready to sell and deliver. Artist Alley vendors may create on commission but must have a standardized system for calculating prices and delivery times (such as a price sheet & schedule). The goal is to cultivate a reputation among indies for professionalism and quality, so let's outshine the mainstream!

This is a curated marketplace. Vendors may be turned down if they don't meet the necessary criteria to ensure a great experience for our visitors, or placed on a waitlist until there is more demand for their niche. Booth pages featuring pornographic, bootleg, or misrepresented materials are ineligible for listing. does not handle payments, maintain sales pages, or take a percentage off your sales. It's free to list and free to use, though donations and affiliate links are accepted. is not obligated to place any listings and reserves the right to deny any applicant for any reason. also reserves the right to remove any listings that no longer comply with the guidelines, and also reserves the right to continue listing anyone who has not asked to be unlisted.
No sales are guaranteed.

If your application is accepted, I will send you an email and ask for a picture to use on your booth listing, as well as verification that you have the right to sell the IP you advertise on your booth. I may also occasionally notify vendors of updates and upcoming events on

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