XR Livestream Request
This document will only be shared between livestreamers and trusted individuals.

The UK Livestreaming team is here to facilitate livestreams in terms of tech and training. We can provide training, support and we can facilitate you to carry out your own livestream.

Please note only actions which are strongly related to the climate and ecological crisis will be streamed from XR platforms.
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Name & Phone/Email - Contact Details *
Please provide a name and telephone / email (you don't need to). Alternatively, please tell us who in the Livestreaming team you've spoken to about this action.
Brief Action Description
Will multiple cameras be required? Do you have someone that will stream? Do you need a streamer? Do you need access to platforms?
Press Release URL
Please include a link to a press-release, action planning doc or briefing doc (if already available).
Who in Actions Circle (or elsewhere) has approved this action? What are their contact details?
What platforms would you like to stream to?
What would you like the social media post description to be when going live?
Please remember to include hashtags. You can submit this later. The Livestreaming team can help you to write this.
Would you like to add any photos / videos?
Do you have a facebook event banner (or something similar). Maybe some photos or videos that you'd like played during the livestream? Any prearranged media can help. Please upload using this link: https://xrlivestream.tv/upload
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