'Discovering Inner Peace' Online May 2019
A very warm welcome to this 5 week online meetings in stillness group with Paul Hurcomb. The idea to have these online meeting groups came from the many requests from people who wanted to join meetings but for geographical, physical or personal reasons they were unable to.

Online meetings are an easy way to stay in touch with Paul and the sangha from the comfort of your own home. It is hoped that they will serve as a support for those who feel called to discover inner peace and live from their true nature.

The meeting dates are 1st, 8th, 15th, 23rd, and 29th May from 19-21h British time. As well as the 5 group meetings, Paul may also share some weekend meditations during this period which you are welcome to join. There will also be the possibility to be part of a smaller weekly sharing group, as well as a facebook group where you can interact and connect with others if you so wish.

Online meetings replicate live meetings. There is a period of shared silence or guided meditation, then Paul may speak about something (main topics listed below) before giving the opportunity for anybody in the group to ask any questions, share their experience or simply rest together in the unified field of presence.

The meetings are a shared exploration of truth and your participation and willingness to bring forth your heartfelt questions, insights and reports are an essential part of it.

Some topics we may explore are;

* Inner peace
* Self Inquiry
* True meditation
* Embodied Presence
* The egoic mind
* Self-realisation
* The inner child
* Embracing our humanness
* Surrender and prayer
* Conscious relationships
* Life after awakening

From previous participants;

'I am so incredibly grateful for these open-hearted, sometimes raw deeply still meetings! I wish I could adequately put into words what is felt. Thank you so much Paul and everyone else' VN

'Thank you Paul for the online meetings. Really enjoyed it and the connection with everyone was amazing given our various locations. It’s heartwarming hearing where everyone is on their journey, the honesty and openness and your fabulous presence. Thank you for your navigation and help in this journey'. BD

'Last night's online gathering filled my heart, it overflowed......such sharing of love. Such intimacy & so much beauty
Thank you all' SA

Thank you everyone! Beautiful and precious to meet in such a way! Such support to share presence for allowing all the unease and tension inside me to move as it will, and noticing how something releases as I stay open and don´t identify. VE

'Thank you for everything. it has been so nourishing to have the luxury to meet with you and the rest of the group once a week just from my living room. Wishing we could continue already next week'. SD

Practical Information

Should you wish to join this programme please complete the booking form below, we will then send you the link to join the meetings. As there is very limited availability please apply as soon as you can.

On Monday 29th April at 19h Uk there will be an introductory meeting for those who wish to familiarise themselves with how Zoom works and to organise sharing groups.

The programme is being offered on sliding scale dependent upon your ability to pay £75 --£125 GBP

Options for payment

paypal account; meetingsinstillness@gmail.com -choose the option to send money to family and friends (or add 5%)
Metro bank (inside Uk ) sort code- 230580 account number- 21984892
Metro bank (outside UK) GB86MYMB23058021984892
Cash- Arrange in person

Please ensure you have read the Terms and conditions and disclaimer for this course and all meetings with Paul before signing up. They can be found here www.meetingsinstillness.com/terms-and-conditions

FAQ’s (Please read)

I cannot make every meeting is it still possible to join the online programme?
Yes it is still possible to join although the more meetings you can attend the better. If you know you will miss more than two out of five please let us know and we will decide whether it is possible to offer you a place.

I am not very good with technical online stuff, will there be any support for this?
Yes, you will be provided with all the technical information you need on signup, there will also be support through our assistants who are taking care of this aspect of the program. You may contact them at any time for help, their details will be given out on signing up. The Zoom app is very easy to use and there will be an introductory meeting for those who haven't used it before.

Will it be possible to meet up with members of the group online outside of the meetings?
Yes, this will be possible for those wishing to. There will be the possibility of joining a weekly sharing group. There will also be some optional extra meditations offered during the month. There is also a Facebook group for online meetings to interact should you wish to.

Will it be possible to speak with Paul or have private sessions with him outside of the online meetings?
It is only possible by booking a private session with him. This is not included in the price of the programme and a further payment/donation should be made for that details are here https://www.meetingsinstillness.com/private-meetings

Will there be future online meetings and retreats?
We hope that this way of sharing Satsang will grow into a regular thing with the possibility of having online retreats over longer periods in the future.

Can I invite my friends to watch on my computer screen?
Since this is a closed group only those who have signed up for the programme can join. This provides commitment, safety, and energetic support as well as protecting the privacy of people in the group. PLEASE RESPECT THIS.

Can more than one person watch a screen?
Yes, if you have both signed up then you can both watch and participate together on the same screen,.

Is it possible to sign up to the programme if I have never been to a meeting in stillness before?
Yes everybody is welcome but please try to make sure you are clear what the meetings are about by visiting Paul’s Youtube page, Facebook group page or website.

We hope that these online meetings will serve as support towards finding inner peace and we look forward to welcoming you to this online group.

Warm regards Meetings in Stillness team

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