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1.) Do you, or your current team, possess enough technical skills to build and maintain test automation?
2.) What would prevent you from automating more tests? (You may select multiple answers)
3.) Have you tried automation programs in the past and failed?
4.) How would you best describe your automated test effort?
5.) How do you measure test automation effectiveness? (You may select multiple answers)
6.) What strategy or framework do you use to improve the productivity of designing and implementing your automated tests? (You may select multiple answers)
7.) What is the one, main benefit of test automation you expect to gain?
8.) At what interface do you automate: User Interface or API? (This question is not looking for the amount of unit testing done by developers. Since traditional testers do not do unit testing, we are interested only in testing at the service layer / API and UI)
9.) What areas of test automation are you responsible for? (You may select multiple answers)
10.) Who designs and writes tests for automation? (You may select multiple answers)
11.) What areas of your test automation do you wish to improve? (You may select multiple answers)
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