infinut Math for Schools 3-month Free Trial Agreement
This a good faith agreement between infinut and your school to demonstrate that our product, infinut Math School, performs as promised for 3 months at no cost to your school. infinut agrees to provide teacher training online and technical support by email during the trial period. Your school agrees to download and activate infinut math for schools with at least 1 teacher and a maximum of 30 students. infinut suggests that students use the apps for 30 minutes per week.

The optimal technical configuration for the infinut Math School is:
1. Touch-screen Chromebooks for students.
2. Google single-sign-on for students.
3. Google Classroom available to teachers.

Please fill in all the information below to setup infinut Math trial at your school. On submitting, a confirmation will be sent to your email with this agreement.

(This is not a legally binding document.)

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