How to grow your business

Marketing is how we attract customers to our business.

We are doing research to find out where support is needed for business owners.

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Do you have a written marketing plan (including digital/social media strategy) for your business? *
Do you use paid advertising or promotions? *
Do you track and analyse results from any marketing activities (get the sales value and amount of customers)? *
If you do track and analyse your results (YES to previous question), how do you do it? *
If you do NOT track and analyse your results (NO to previous question), why not and what is the reason? *
Would you use a software program that can give you sales revenue, amount of customers and profit/ROI for any marketing? *
Do you use any software programs in your business? (like Xero, POS systems, Square, etc) *
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Would you like to know more on how to find out the ROI results of all types of marketing activities? *
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