2018-19 Membership & Stewardship Form
After you fill out this membership/stewardship form, we may contact you to go over details.
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Birthdays/Name's Days/Anniversaries
OPTIONAL - If you'd like us to pray for you on these anniversaries & include them in the bulletin, please list them. For example: Basil (Name's Day) - Jan 1st, John & Jane (Anniv.) - Feb 2nd, Jim (Bday) - Mar 3rd,
TIME/TALENTS: Liturgical & Divine Services
Please choose AT LEAST ONE (1) way that you will serve Christ and His Church during the Divine Services.
Please choose AT LEAST ONE (1) way you will strive to learn and practice your Faith:
TIME/TALENTS: Building and Grounds
Please choose AT LEAST ONE (1) way in which you'll help steward our real property:
TIME/TALENTS: Administration/Leadership
Please AT LEAST ONE (1) way you will support our Church leadership/administration:
TIME/TALENTS: Annual Tea Room & Bazaar
Please choose AT LEAST ONE (1) way you will support our annual parish open house.
TIME/TALENTS: Ministries / Programs
Please choose AT LEAST ONE (1) way that you will serve others in our community.
Other Talents, Ministries, Programs, Interests?
Perhaps we're missing something...maybe there's an unmet need or a deep desire that you have to serve God in this community? Let us know!
Perhaps you can't pick just one!? Please list any additional ways you and/or your family wish to offer your time/talents to Christ and His Church:
TREASURE: In gratitude for God's blessings, and as a Steward of His earthly treasures, I will support the work of Christ and His Church at All Saints by promising an annual pledge of $_______ for 2019. *
Which I will offer as a *
Offering of $ *
Would you like to receive offering envelopes? *
These are the colored envelopes that we'll send you in the mail for each week of the year and for special collections. These are especially for check/cash contributions -- and can help ensure that your pledges are accounted for as being from you. If you'd like these -- please ensure your address is updated above!
Please send me information on making a planned gift/bequest to the Church.
Any questions, comments, or concerns?
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