Recommendation Form for Admission to Foreign Language Education (FLED) Program
Dear Department of Foreign Language Faculty Member:
The student sending this request is applying for admission to the Bagwell College of Education and the Foreign Language Education program in Chinese, French, German or Spanish and asks that you serve as a reference.

This reference is kept in the student's advisement files in the Department of Foreign Languages. Provided that the candidate is eligible for admission to the College of Education, a final decision regarding admission to the FLED program is informed by an oral proficiency evaluation, along with information regarding the student's performance in foreign language and education courses.

Please indicate the student's name:
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Please indicate the student's language of study:
Please indicate the course, year and semester for which you taught the student:
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Please comment on the student's performance in your class:
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Were assignments submitted on time?
Does the student accept constructive criticism and suggestions?
Does the student seek additional feedback from the instructor?
Is the student generally prepared for class?
Does the student participate actively in class discussion and other activities?
Please provide any additional comments on the student's classroom performance:
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Based on performance in your class, please describe the student's proficiency in the language (fluency):
Based on an overall assessment of the student's proficiency, what are the prospects that this individual will be able to teach in the target language?
Please provide any additional comments that you may have:
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Please provide your name and today's date:
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