How Strong Is My Marketing Plan?
The following are questions you need to be asking yourself if you have a business idea or have a business selling a product or service into the marketplace and are looking to maximize your results. The questions are an adaptation from the Business Model Canvas process and cover the 9 critical areas that need to be considered and detailed in order to develop a healthy and profitable business.

For each question rate yourself as follows: "Based on the previous description of this question on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being "not there" and 10 being, "I'm exceptional at this."

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1. Do I know who my "ideal" target customer is? The ones I want and I can serve best. *
Why Is This Important? If you cannot clearly identify your ideal customer you can't possibly find them.
Everyone is my customer
I know exactly who my ideal target customer is
2. Do I know where my target customers (hang out) can be found? *
Why Is This Important? If you don't know where to find them, how can you reach them?
I don't have a clue
I know exactly where to find them
3. Do you know what's going on in their lives? What problems/challenges do you believe they have that you think you can solve? *
Why Is This Important? Knowing this, needs to become part of your marketing message. You want to be able to join a conversation that's going on in their heads about their problem/challenge.
I don't have a clue
I am "totally" in their head"
4. How will my product or service solve their problem/challenge? *
Why Is This Important? Two major reasons: 1) You enter the conversation that's going on in their heads about that problem/challenge and now you have the opportunity to engage them intelligently, 2) Knowing this let's you begin thinking about what other options may be open to them besides your initial solution.
I don't know
I am "totally" on top of this one
5. Among the options available to my potential customers, what makes my offer the best alternative for them? *
Why Is This Important? This will alert you to your competition and help you identify your competitive advantage. In other words, why should they choose you over others.
Because I say so
I have proven myself over and over
6. How are you reaching your target customers? By what means are you engaging them? *
Why Is This Important? Now that you know who your target customer is, where to find them, are able to relate with them and have a solution to their problem/challenge, you need to be able to engage them and let them know that you are the one with the solution.
I don't have a clue
I know exactly how to reach them and an open channel to them
7. Do you have a system in place through which you can stay in touch with them? *
Why Is This Important? Of all the people you engage only a portion (let's say 10%) will buy what you have right away. For the remaining 90%, the timing may not be right just yet and you want to keep them in the loop so that when they are ready, you're there and at the top of their minds...
I don't have a follow-up system
I'm right on top of this one.
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