Cornell Hillel Committee Application - Spring 2016

The application for Hillel committees is now live! Anyone can apply for this low-commitment way to get involved in shaping Jewish community life at Cornell!

Applications are due on Friday, January 29th, 2016 at 4 PM. There will be a mandatory organizational meeting on Thursday 2/4 at 5 PM. After that, a weekly meeting time will be set based on committee members' schedules.

If you have any questions about the application please contact Cornell Hillel President Aaron Mallenbaum (agm95). Note that the Major Speakers Series Committee will be accepting applications in the fall only, so if you are interested in that committee for next year, you are encouraged to apply for a different one this semester!

All Cornell Hillel Committees:
- 1 hour commitment per week, including weekly meeting (committees will choose a meeting time based on the members’ schedule)
- Mandatory one time organizational meeting on Thursday, February 4th, at 5 PM.

Religious Life and Education Committee: (Chaired by Daniel Jablansky djj53)
- Coordinating regular programming focused on Jewish education and inter-denominational discussion
- Providing programming for Purim, Passover, and other holidays
- Communicating and programming with the various minyanim (religious groups)
- Helping promote Shabbat services and dinner
- Helping promote Kosher Dining

Israel Awareness Committee: (Chaired by Chanan Heisler nah79)
- Responsible for Israel education and awareness through cultural programming and events
- Responsible for planning Israel Day, Cornell's Yom Ha'aztmaaut (Independence Day) celebration

Engagement Committee: (Chaired by Danielle Eiger dre38)
- Organizes large-scale social programming for the Jewish community on campus
- Past Events Include: Big Red Bar Mitzvah, Jewish Speed Dating, Jews on Ice, MasqueRAVE
- Promotes attendance at Engagement events by way of social media, word of mouth, and committee attendance

Social Justice Committee: (Chaired by Sharon Glick seg232)
- Organizes Social justice and community service opportunities and programs
- Adds sustainability components to Hillel programs (i.e. recycling, composting...)
- Works on programming concerning sexual assault awareness on campus
- Fundraising initiatives and events for the Cornell Hillel causes

Cultural Programming Committee: (Chaired by Brandon Cohen bsc77)
- Focuses on both Jewish- and Multi-cultural programming
- Examples include: multi-faith service projects and Shabbat programming
- Responsible for Holocaust Remembrance Programming

Student Finance Committee: (Chaired by Rachel Goldstein rg499)
- Allocates Hillel student programming budget for Jewish Student Groups and individuals
- Works with programmers to optimize funds between Hillel and outside sources

Public Relations Committee: (Chaired by Ashley Radparvar aar98)
- Providing print and social media marketing for Hillel initiatives (i.e. Facebook events, google calendar, quarter cards/posters)
- Working with Member Groups and Hillel Staff to develop PR strategies, to advertise and promote events
- Areas include Social Media, Design, and Marketing

Freshman Engagement Committee (Chaired by Sarah Kaminsky sek235):
- Responsible for North Campus/Freshman-geared programming such as: Shabbat Across North Campus, Sundaes on Sundays, and North Campus Study Breaks
- Works with all Hillel organizations to acclimate freshmen to the many Jewish opportunities on campus
- Note: The members of this committee will be exclusively current freshmen

Upperclassman Engagement Chair (looking for a chair, not committee members!)
- Responsible for Collegetown/Upperclassman-geared programming
- Examples include: Shabbat Across Collegetown, Vodka Latkes

Don't think any of the committees are right for you?
- Sign up to be a Hillel volunteer (below)!
- Check out our website for upcoming opportunities
- Reach out to Cornell Hillel Vice President Nicole Levine (nsl36) for more info and ideas
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