Truck-Trailer Checklist
This checklist must be completed by anyone driving the truck/trailer to or from an event. Take any corrective action needed and add any purchase needs or repair items to the "Repair-to do sheet".
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Trip Description *
Are all tires on the truck inflated properly? *
Most trailer accidents are caused by tire issues. It is critical to ensure tires on both the truck and trailer are properly inflated.
Is the Truck Gas Full? *
It's highly recommended to fill the truck with Gas prior to hitching up or leaving a given venue.
Inspect Trailer Power cord for damage *
Is the hitch connected, including the hitch pin in the proper configuration? Please include photo.... *
The Trailer may NOT be driven if this is not correctly connected.
Are break away chains, breakaway brake cable, and power cord connected properly? Include photo. *
Is all equipment and are all boats in truck bed and trailer secure (every boat strap should be checked). *
The truck driver is ultimately responsible for verifying their truck/trailer load...
Visual walkaround of truck/trailer complete... *
Check turn signals, lights, etc. with another person to ensure proper functionality before leaving.
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