Type of Trader Questionnaire by Alpesh Patel
Please fill in this form so Alpesh Patel can analyse the type of trader you are, he will then email you back based on your responses with a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your approach) so you can improve on your profits and limit your losses.
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Do you like to be told exactly when to buy and sell?
Do you find trading stressful more often than not?
Would you consider yourself a novice trader?
Are you relatively new to reading technical indicators?
Do you have more than a couple of hours in a week when you can trade?
Do you like placing stop losses whenever you place a trade?
Do you like to place a trade and leave?
When you enter a trade, do you know where you will exit?
When placing a trade do you place a limit order?
Do you consider yourself method, systems based, as opposed to someone who views skills being more an art than a science?
Do you calculate precisely the amount of money you will place on a trade?
Do you make a note of most of your trades, and analyse them based on characteristics of wins and losses?
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