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Please complete this form if you are interested in volunteering with Dominion Sanctuary.
Children 14 and up may join a parent volunteering at the sanctuary.
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What is your level of interest in volunteering with us? The minimum level of commitment is once a month, outside of occasional large volunteer days/projects. You can expect any regularly occurring volunteer visit to take 1-2 hours. *
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What is your general availability, if interested in volunteering on-site- day and time approximations? (Children under 14 are not allowed to join you in volunteering.)
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Select as many options as you'd like, and please be detailed in the "Other" category if selected.
You would be required to sign a legal release of liability as an on-site volunteer, would you be comfortable with that? *
Is there anything else you want us to know before contacting you? Allie (our founder) will be in touch within two weeks.
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