BSCES 2021 - 2022 Model Bridge Contest Bridge & Team Data
We will be doing teams of 2 or 3 like we used to do! If COVID restrictions prohibit this, teams of 1 are allowed but not preferred. This form is to be filled out by each Team. In general, BSCES volunteers will be loading the devices (logistics of getting the models and loading devices together for testing between 1/25 and 2/3 will be worked out). The end questions are team preferences for how to load the device.
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Do you want your bridge loaded to failure or should the loading stop when it is determined that the bridge is capable of coding the loading device?
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If your bridge is intended to utilize the cement blocks to resist horizontal forces, the bridge must be between 39 1/4" and 39 3/4" long. Is your bridge designed to be shimmed and transfer horizontal thrust to the cement blocks?
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If your bridge is a truss, is it intended to be top loaded or should the "truck" be placed between the top and bottom chords? Please label your bridge "top" and "bottom" if it is not obvious.
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If you have a preference, describe the order of weights (2.5 lb, 5 lb., 10 lb. & 25 lb) to be applied. All loading will stop when either 250 lb limit is reached or the stack of weights reaches the top of the base device pole.
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