CERT Drone Team
Galveston County CERT is looking for a few volunteers to operate the team's drones during training, and deployments. The right CERT members for this team will be able to pay for the Drone Pilot's license (107 license) at their own expense, will be able to demonstrate an ability to fly and operate the equipment, and will be willing to sign an agreement stating any costs that are incurred due to damages to the vehicle or equipment while being operated by the team member will be paid by the member operating the drone at the time of the damages.
If you are interested in joining the team, please complete the registration form below. Final decision on eligibility for participation in this team rests with the CERT Coordinator, John Herrmann.
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I will take the training and obtain my 107 license to operate a drone as a first responder. I understand that this will have a cost that I will pay on my own without being compensated by GC CERT. I also understand that any damage to the CERT drone that I am operating will result in my paying for the cost of repairs or replacement of the drone or equipment. *
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