Active Hope Series

In a series of 3 gatherings on the Work that Reconnects we will dive into the Spiral of Joanna Macy. 

June 1: During the first gathering, participants will experience and reflect on each stage of the Spiral. A space will be created where recognizing and expressing feelings of grief, anger and fear about the state of the world is supported. This pain is a sign of connectedness to the natural world and arises from your caring. 

June 8: In the second meeting, the film The Albatross, directed by photographer Chris Jordan, will be broadcasted and discussed, in Impulse on Wageningen campus. The Albatross film relates to the Work in that it explores the themes of grief, gratitude and interconnectedness with the natural world. The film is a deeply emotional and reflective experience on the impact of plastic pollution on the lives of albatross birds on an island in the Atlantic ocean. Viewers are invited to embrace this reality with awareness and compassion.     

June 15: In the third, we will focus on Seeing With New Eyes and on Going Forth and will experience the spiral more in-depth. Through guided meditation, participants can deepen their understanding and embodying of this theme, and explore how they might apply the Work to their lives and communities.   

We encourage you to join all three gatherings, because the more complete this series is joined, the more deep the Work will reach. The events are free of costs. 

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