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Apply to join one of the Entreprogrammers mastermind groups.

We'll use your information to match you with others, giving you the opportunity to share in the growth and learning of moving from software developer to entrepreneur!

Please be honest in your application. We want a diverse group of people, experiences and stages of business, to make this as successful as possible.

If you have any questions, email podcast@entreprogrammers.com
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We want to group people in timezones that are relatively close to each other. Let us know where in the world you live, and what time zone that is.
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Tell us why you should be a part of mastermind group with the Entreprogrammers? What do you want to get out of this? What do you expect to learn from this, to grow your business?
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What do you expect to contribute? *
Everyone has something to share - some success, some idea, some area in which they have expertise. What can you offer the other people in your mastermind?
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Tell us about your business and/or products, as an entrepreneur - product names, websites, description of your current customers and any other information you might want to share about your business and products.
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Are you willing to be transparent with your numbers? *
The Entreprogrammers strongly believe in transparency, and want all participants to share in the same open honesty about their success and failures. Are you willing to share your actual numbers with your group, and on a podcast where other people will hear how you're dong?
Monthly Mastermind Group Fee
The entreprogrammers will work to make this experience as simple as possible for you, but that requires resources like podcast editing, hosting, etc. You will be expected to pay a monthly fee to help with these costs. Are you willing and able to pay that fee?
Montly membership cost: $50 *
One-time, Non-refundable, $50 application fee.
There is a one-time $50, non-refundable application fee. If you are accepted into a mastermind group, your first month of membership will be covered by this fee.
Please Paypal $50 to podcast@entreprogrammers.com *
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