Nomination Application
Nomination Criteria: A Woman of the Year Nominee is a Woman Who:
1. demonstrates high ethical standards personally
2. is a recognized role model
3. has a strong sense of community responsibility
4. is outstanding in her contributions within Indian River County
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STEP ONE: Nominator Application
Information about the Nominee
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STEP TWO: Award Category
Please note: Junior League of Indian River reserves the right to place your nominee in another
category if her qualifications and community contributions fit more appropriately into another
category. Both the nominator and nominee will be informed of the decision.
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STEP THREE: Nominator Information
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STEP FOUR: Nominator Summary
Please describe, in 250 words or less, the reason your nominee deserves to win the Woman of the Year Award, specifically focusing on contributions within her category. It is not necessary to limit your comments to accomplishments made during the prior calendar year. However, such accomplishments should be noted. Please note: Summaries exceeding 250 words will be edited prior to submission or judging and publication in the program. *
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Once your nomination is accepted, it will be reviewed by the Woman of the Year event chair. Nominees will be invited to a Nominee Breakfast, at which time they will receive information about the award and a Nominee Form to complete. All parties are considered and should be present for the Nominee Breakfast. Upon submission of the Nominee Form, a panel of judges will review all applications and make the final decisions. In order to be considered for Woman of the Year, the nominee must be present at the Woman of the Year Luncheon on March 18, 2020. *Please note, JLIR reserves the right to repeal a nomination for any candidate who has engaged in unlawful behavior, in the past or recently.
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