2018-19 Capital Spend Survey
The PTO exists to provide supplemental programming to enhance our children’s education and to improve the school environment in which they work and play. One way in which we do this is through annual capital expenditures that are generously funded through the Monroe community’s fundraising. In years past, the PTO has funded modernized shelving for the MRC and countless STEAM items that are being used in classrooms and school-sponsored clubs.

This year, the PTO would like to propose two potential options for capital spend, and we want your feedback!

Option 1: Living Classroom Enhancements
All our children, K – 5, benefit from the wonderful Living Classroom we have at Monroe. Hands-on lessons are carefully integrated with classroom learning, and some investigations, like seed planting and harvesting, span multiple grades!

The Living Classroom pond is in need of maintenance. The liner is disintegrating, the cinder block walls limit access to the pond during lessons, and the chain link fence obstructs the pond view and is too tight to the pond. The soil in the vegetable garden needs to be changed out due to powdery mildew, and the sprinkler system should be upgraded from overhead watering to underground watering to prevent mildew in the future. Option 1 allows the PTO to spend funds updating and enhancing the Living Classroom pond and surrounding garden space.


Option 2: Kinetic Classroom
All our children, K – 5, benefit from movement and exercise. When children move, they increase the rate that oxygen circulates throughout their bodies, including their brains. Over the last few years, kinetic (or kinesthetic) learning has become a trend in education. Some studies even show that light exercise before test taking improved results!

There is unused space in Monroe’s basement that could house a “kinetic classroom”. The kinetic classroom would provide students an opportunity for light exercise, which could help put students in the receptive state required for learning. Option 2 allows the PTO to spend funds purchasing tools to build this movement space.



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If neither option above suits you, tell us how you’d like to see the money spent.
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