Rooftots Volunteer Survey
As Rooftop responds to the coronavirus situation, we are making plans to re-introduce Rooftots classes at some point in the future, perhaps phasing classrooms back in, slowly. Our ability to do this will depend on MANY factors, one of which is the availability of volunteers. As a Rooftots volunteer, your feedback can help us out. Please take one minute to answer the following few questions:
Name *
Do you have kids? *
How willing are you to volunteer in a Rooftots classroom if we are taking the following precautions in the Rooftots ministry: volunteers must wear masks, size limit on kids in classrooms, temperatures are taken of children and volunteers, toys and surfaces are cleaned regularly, kids are dropped off at the registration desk and not at the classroom. *
If you answered “c” (not willing), what additional precautions would you need to see in order to be comfortable volunteering?
If no precautions would make you comfortable volunteering right now, when would you be interested in returning? (Check one)
Clear selection
We may have to get flexible as we re-introduce Rooftots classes. Which services are you generally NOT available to serve at? (Check all that apply).
With fewer volunteers, we might have to ask more from existing volunteers. How often could you serve in a Rooftots classroom per month? *
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