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Do you believe that business, music, sports, performing arts or technology is a force for good? Join GoodFestival 4th Edition, 26-28 April 2018, The Olympic Museum and Jeunotel, Lausanne. Full program on -

There are two tracks:

1. GoodFestival Core Social or Environmental Innovator Track: You have the opportunity to build a team with other Innovators & Experts on the 17th of October and practice your pitch, then create a video pitch, next turn it into an online campaign and even start raising funds on the 18th, 19th & 20th of October. Then on the 21st of October perhaps win the PremaGyan Good100 medal + one year marketing & crowdfunding support worth $4,000*.

2. GoodFestival Open Music, Sports or Performing Arts Innovator Track: You have the opportunity to audition at the GoodFestival Open, Jeunotel between 17th to 20th October. Winner of the auditions will perform at the GoodFestival Awards ceremony on the 21st October at The Olympic Museum + reward of $200 cash for your performance + PremaGyan Good100 medal + one year marketing & crowdfunding support worth $4,000*.

Note: $4,000 indicates the value of marketing and crowdfunding support we provide to you for one year.

Next Steps? Once you fill out this form, one of the GoodFestival team member will call you and answer any questions you may have.

The organizers reserve all rights including the option to change offer scope, booking process and event dates due to unforeseen circumstances. And if you have any urgent questions, please contact us:

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