GBC Student Government Association Agenda Request Form
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All requests are due Fridays at 5 p.m, no exceptions. This will get the request on the following week’s agenda. Request approvals occur during SGA meetings (agendas are posted online and on-campus). Your request must be on the SGA agenda to be considered for approval.

Once your request has been reviewed an SGA representative will contact you. Please plan to attend the specified meeting on the date and at the location you will be provided, which outlines when you will have to present a description of the request and answer any questions in front of the SGA for final approval at the SGA meeting.

If you are a member of a GBC Club/Organization that is sanctioned by SGA please provide a copy of the minutes of the meeting where permission to submit this agenda request form was given.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Student Advocate, Chantell Garcia by phone (775) 753-2234 or email at: and/or the SGA President.
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