MYC Spring 2020 Tour Request
Thank you for your interest in a visit from Madison Youth Choirs! Ensemble descriptions along with their preferred audience descriptions are provided below. We will do our best to accommodate your request and encourage you to select all possible dates and times that work for your students. Once you submit your request, we will be in touch to confirm your performance.

[THIS ITINERARY IS FULL] Wednesday, April 22: Cantabile and Ragazzi | 9th-12 grade singers | Ensemble size: 75
Best audience: any! (but openings are limited)

[THIS ITINERARY IS FULL] Thursday, April 23: Cantilena | 9th-12th grade singers | Ensemble size: 27
Best audience:  K-5 or a ​smaller middle school audience of music students

Tuesday, April 28: Purcell | 2nd-5th grade singers with Holst | 7th-10th grade singers | Ensemble size: 70
Best audience: K-5 or a smaller middle school audience of music students

Wednesday, April 29: Choraliers | 2nd-4th grade singers | Ensemble size: 35
Best audience: K-2.

Wednesday, April 29: Con Gioia | 5th-8th grade singers | Ensemble size: 45
Best audience: K-5. 

Thursday, April 30: Britten | 5th-8th grade singers | Ensemble size: 40
Best audience: K-5 or a smaller middle school audience of music students

[THIS ITINERARY IS FULL] Friday, May 1: Capriccio | 7th-9th grade singers | Ensemble size: 47
Best audience: K-5. 

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Please select all the tour dates and times that work for your audience.
Tue Apr 28: Purcell/Holst
Wed Apr 29: Con Gioia
Wed Apr 29: Choraliers
Thu Apr 30: Britten
Feel free to tell us more about your tour date/time preferences here.
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