Salt Lake Valley Coalition to End Homelessness Membership Form
The Salt Lake Valley Coalition to End Homelessness’ primary goal is to end homelessness in Salt Lake Valley through a system-wide commitment of resources, services, data collection, analysis and coordination among all stakeholders. The Coalition gathers community consensus to create and fulfill established outcomes. Using these goals, the coalition partners with key stakeholders to fill the needs of the Salt Lake County/Valley community.

Slides showing the structure of the Coalition can be found here:

Participation in the work of the Coalition is open to any agencies, organizations, and individuals with expertise or interest in rendering homelessness brief, rare, and non-recurring. Agencies may have one or more members from their organization participating. Membership should represent the entirety of Salt Lake Valley. Additional collaboration to improve the statewide homeless service system should also be reflected in the members.

The Coalition was created based upon the following values:
-Fair, diverse representation of all related stakeholders, centered on inclusion.
-Continuity and flow of information to and from State to local level.
-Checks and balances exist throughout the system.
-Voices of participants with lived experience are present and meaningful.
-Trauma informed care is central to the actions of all stakeholders.
-Transparency in roles, responsibilities, decision making and membership are paramount.

The Coalition meets on a regular basis to discuss, review data, and make recommendations regarding homeless system issues. SLVCEH meetings take place the second Wednesday of every other month in February, April, June, August, October, December from 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM at revolving locations. The eight Core Function Groups meet in the off months (Jan, March, May, July, September, November) at various times. Calendar invites will be emailed to members.

To join the Coalition and subscribe to our newsletter, please complete the information below.
Member Contact Information
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Which of the following services/areas do you or your organization provide/represent? (Check all that apply.)
Please review the following responsibilities of members:
(1) Promote a community wide goal of ending homelessness.
(2) Commit to the betterment of the entire system.
(3) Participate in at least 75% of meetings (6 Core Function Group meetings per year)
(4) Act as the conduit for sharing information with your organization and other stakeholders.
As a member, are you willing to commit to fulfill the responsibilities listed above?
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Core Function Groups
The Core Function Groups are comprised of stakeholder members who provide services or expertise related to the core function. Members may serve on more than one Core Function Groups, which meet every other month (on the off month of the Coalition meeting) to provide input regarding homeless system issues.

Members of the Core Function Groups represent all aspects of the Salt Lake Valley homeless service system, with a goal to end homelessness in all its forms throughout Salt Lake Valley. This will be accomplished through community consensus, partnerships, cooperation and a shared vision of ending homelessness as quickly as possible.

Please review the Core Functions (green boxes) in the image below and select the areas that best fit for you. While you may select more than one core function, please note that your time commitment increases for each core function you plan to participate in.
For which Core Function(s) meetings are you interested in receiving information/invitations? *
What are your, or your organization’s, goals within the system?
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