2020 Community Village Eligibility Form (Individual)
This form is due by April 9th, 2020. The dates for the 2020 Oregon Country Fair are July 10, 11, and 12. Please fill this form out completely. To participate in Community Village as an individual, you must be determined to be eligible. Please review the guidelines at https://communityvillageocf.org/community-village-guidelines/ . Submit this form electronically no later than Noon on Saturday April 11th. If you are unable to submit a form electronically, please ask you Booth Coordinator to help you or connect you with someone in your booth who can help you. You are responsible for ensuring that your form is submitted by the deadline!

You should receive a copy of your filled out form. Please share it with your booth coordinator right away. Contact ocfcvcc@gmail.com if you do not receive a confirmation email.Thank you, woohoo.
Email *
**For your Booth Coordinator Only: Please add your comments regarding this person's eligibility.
What Booth are you In? *
If your booth isn't listed here, you don't need to fill out this form. Restaurant, Cooperative Fruit, AAAA, Little Village, Youth Power, Areas, and Info have separate eligibility guidelines and this form is not needed.
For returning persons: when was your most recent participation in Community Village, and with what booth?
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Your Street Address (including city, state, zip) *
Your Phone Number *
Your email address again, please, sorry
What is your activist web address? *
Describe your participation in recent events (festivals, workshops, community actions, etc) *
When did you begin these activist activities? *
What is your personal mission statement? *
How do you partner with other activists or organizations? *
What workshops, demonstrations, or other public offerings will your group be presenting during the 2020 fair? *
Groups often contribute offerings to the public during the Fair. Please include detailed information about these offerings, including how you intend to publicize them.
How do your activities further Village values of providing social and environmental awareness, forums for free communication of ideas, education, information access, and networking for progressive social change? *
Do you want your contact information listed in the Community Village Directory, located in the Info Booth in Community Village? *
How Many Passes Are You Requesting? *
Eligible groups will be granted a limited number of passes. The rule is 2 worker passes OR 1 worker and 3 worker day passes, or 6 Worker Day Passes. S.O. passes are also limited. Vehicle stickers are also limited.
Worker Day Pass
Standard Vehicle Sticker
Farside Vehicle Sticker
Oversize (22 feet +) Vehicle Sticker
Please list the pass type, first and last names, and date of birth, of all individuals you will request passes for, including Worker, S.O., Teen, and Youth. Use a separate line for each entry please. *
Thank You For Completing The Individual Eligibility Form
The Eligibility Meeting, at which your group's eligibility will be determined, is set for 7pm on April 15th at Growers' Market. Anyone is able to come and participate.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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