2021 District Conference Safety Survey
We are committed to a fun and safe event. Please review the committee’s list of safety concerns and plans/ideas for solutions and then respond to this survey.

All responses will remain anonymous and will help the committee consider and plan to address as many concerns as possible.

*** If you are unable to wear a mask for prolonged periods during all conference activities, please forego all in-person activities and participate in the virtual conference events instead.***

All responses will be private and only shared with conference committee leaders anonymously.
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Have you already registered to attend conference? If not, do you plan to register for in-person events? *
Are you satisfied with the steps the committee is taking to ensure a fun and safe conference for all members? *
Considering the committee's current plans for safety, do you think the measures are sufficient for you to feel safe attending in-person conference activities? *
What specific concerns do you have that are not being addressed in the committee's current plans for safety? What can we do to help you feel confident and comfortable attending in-person?
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Do you want the committee to contact you regarding your concerns? If yes, please provide contact info above (all responses will be private and only shared with conference committee leaders anonymously). *
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