Your voice matters! Canada`s Sierra Leonean Community needs Survey
The Federation of Sierra Leonean Communities of Canada is conducting a survey to get your opinions on how to improve the Sierra Leonean communities across Canada. This survey will help the Federation to better understand the needs of the community and undertake collaborative efforts in addressing these needs. The results of this survey will be made available to the community. Your opinions are very important and we value your input. This survey is confidential. You are not required to provide your personal information. Please answer the following questions.

Thank you for your participation.
1. Please rank how the following areas are important to you. *
Very Importatnt
Less important
Not important
Don`t know
Being part of the Sierra Leonean community
Programs for kids, youth, women, seniors and adults
Information Hub ( where you can get information about events, news, activities, services, resources, entertainment, etc.)
Social and Cultural events
Sierra Leonean Community Centre
Support for community associations, organizations, clubs and groups
Sierra Leone Consulate or Embassy in Canada
Diaspora Travel to Sierra Leone program (Assistance for people of Sierra Leonean descent wishing to visit Sierra Leone
Support Development Initiatives in Sierra Leone
2. Please specify one area you would like to see improved or implemented in the Sierra Leonean community. *
3. Do you feel connected to the Sierra Leonean community? *
4. What are the problems or concerns you see in the Sierra Leonean community? *
5. In your opinion, what ways could we address these problems or concerns? *
6. What do you like best about the Sierra Leonean community? *
7. Are you a member of a Sierra Leonean community association, organization, club or group? *
If No, please provide reasons.
If Yes, what do you think are the concerns or problems facing the association, organization, club or group in which you are a member?
8. What would you like to see the association, organization, club or group do for its members and the community? *
9. Do you attend Sierra Leonean community events? *
If No, please provide reasons.
If Yes, why do you attend the Sierra Leonean community events?
Clear selection
10. Which of the following activities would you like to attend? *
11. Which of the following areas would you like to participate in? *
12. Would you be interested in joining community members (through Diaspora travel program) to visit Sierra Leone in 2019? *
13. Please provide anything else you would like us to know.
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