E-Learning Survey, A Student Consultation
You can learn more about what e-learning is, what the provincial changes are, and why we are surveying students through this podcast OR read the information below: https://bit.ly/2LnwlSk

What is e-learning?
An e-learning course is a class which is taken online, rather than in a traditional classroom. Students can talk to their guidance counsellor if they would like to take an e-learning course. A group of students taking the same course online have a teacher in charge who helps answer questions. Students log on to a website every day by themselves and finish the work the teacher has asked them to do. You may read a text or watch a video to learn the lesson, and often times complete a task. All work is usually due at the end of the day because not all students log in at the same time. Students choose when to log on and complete their work.

What are the provincial changes with e-learning?
Up until now, taking e-learning courses were left up to students to choose if they would like to. Recently, the Ministry of Education has announced that starting in September 2020, all high school students will be expected to take 4 e-learning courses in order to graduate.

Why is OSTA-AECO surveying students?
Having all high school students complete 4 e-learning course is a big difference which affects students. We want to hear from students who have taken e-learning courses to learn more about their experiences. We also want to hear from students who have chosen not to take e-learning courses to learn more about why they have made that choice. This survey will be open from May 6th, 2019, until June 28th, 2019. It is very important that students fill out this survey to help us gather information about how students feel about this new announcement.

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