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Membership is free.   See below for more information.
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The Aims of Granton Community Gardeners
 The SCIO’s purposes are to benefit the community of GRANTON (North Edinburgh) which comprises the area shown on the map below:  The area is bounded by (and inclusive of the streets mentioned), the sea, Wardie Steps, Granton Road, Ferry Road (numbers 400-740), West Granton Access Road, and Waterfront Broadway with a line extending directly to the coast. (“the Community”) with the following objects:

1/. To support the advancement of a well functioning community with an increasingly healthy social, environmental, and economic fabric. Particularly by creating opportunities for people to meet together around food (growing cooking and eating) and by supporting those who take initiative on this.

2/. To promote environmental improvement, including protecting and increasing biodiversity, by creatively imagining the best uses for our open spaces, and by caring for these spaces, particularly community gardens.

3/.  To advance health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, by:
facilitating and supporting access to gardening opportunities, and other community events.
contributing to improved diet through increased access to, and availability of, fresh local produce.

4/. To advance education and skills, particularly related to food (growing, cooking, and eating).

More Information about Membership
Granton Community Gardeners has been going since 2010.  A huge number of people have been involved in different ways over the past 11 years!  

In 2017 we set up a charity (a SCIO: Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation).  This decision was made because we needed to have a more formal set up for some of the things we were wanting to do, like applying for larger amounts of funding and employing people.
We have a board of 7 great Trustees, who are formally responsible for the running of the Charity.
Our Charity is registered with OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator). Our charity number is: SC047087.

We also qualify as something called a ‘Community Controlled Organisation’.   This means that for the long term, it will always be people living in Granton, who get to decide what the charity does.  It also means that our organisation is eligible to hold community ownership of land or buildings.
Overall control of our organisation is held democratically by voting ('ordinary') members: anyone over 18, whose home address is within our area of benefit.  Membership is free.   You can join if you're 12-17, or don't live within the area of benefit, but you won't have formal voting rights.

Being a member means:

-We will keep in touch with you and invite you to our events.

-You can let us know if there are particular things you’d like to get more involved with

-You are showing that you support the aims and work of Granton Community Gardeners.
If we can show that we have lots of community support, we’ll be able to make a stronger case for what we’re wanting to do (eg. when applying for funding, or acquiring ownership of land).

-You will be invited to our AGM, and (if you are an ‘ordinary member’) you are able to vote for people to join the Board of Trustees.

You don’t need to be a member to come to our events etc. Everyone is invited!


There are 3 categories of membership, you'll be automatically assigned depending on your home address and age.

1 Ordinary Membership.   If you are over 18 and live in the defined area.  This means you are able to vote at meetings.  
As a member of this specific local community you get a say in the biggest decisions the charity makes, and you also get to nominate or vote for who you think would make the best Trustees (the people who are legally responsible for the organisation, and make decisions about staff, money, etc).

2. Associate Membership.  If you’re over 18 and live outside the defined area.

3. Junior Membership.  If you’re aged 12-17 (wherever you live!)

Map of GCG area of benefit
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