B-Rad New Show Application - Spring 2020
Please follow this link http://benningtonradio.com/bylaws/ to learn about the by-laws behind the station! You can apply for multiple slots but please fill out separate applications for each! Also feel free to email radio@bennington.edu with any questions/comments/concerns/love notes...

APPLICATIONS DUE MAY 10TH AT MIDNIGHT !! You will hear back from us about scheduling/training soon after that. ;^) <3
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B-Rad is a 24 hour station, are you comfortable with a late night slot? please note that there is the possibility of pre-recording and uploading. *
BTW Are you interested in being involved with the station beyond DJ duties? For example, joining the merch design team, postering for events, etc. (This will not affect your chances of getting a show lol!) *
I have read and agree to the terms outlined in the Bennington Radio By-Laws [http://benningtonradio.com/bylaws/], and agree to consistently attend my show, to treat the studio space and equipment with respect, to be mindful speech and conduct on air. *
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