Thank you for volunteering to monitor the Board of Elections in your county! Your on-the-ground intelligence gathering and advocacy is critical to ensuring that our elections are fairly administered and accessible to all voters!
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Precinct Changes *
NOTES - Take note of: what changes are proposed; what’s the precinct name and what kind of voters live there; is a public hearing scheduled to discuss changes; who favors or opposes the change
Voter Challenges *
NOTES - Take note of: # of voter challenges, person(s) that brought challenges, reason for challenging voters, what’s the next step
Budget *
NOTES - Take note of: concerns about budget shortages, plans to request funds from county commission
Elections Staff / Poll Workers *
NOTES - Take note of: positions discussed; training schedule; any challenges or concerns
Early Voting *
NOTES - Take note of: plans for early voting; how many sites will open, where, when; staffing
Ballot Issues *
NOTES - Take note of: approving absentee ballot requests, absentee ballots, provisional ballots. Use this space if you attended the BOE meeting. Continue to the next question if you made a follow up call to the BOE.
SPECIAL - Absentee Meeting Follow Ups
If you're calling a local BOE after their meeting, be sure to ask the following questions about their Absentee Review meeting:

a) How many absentee envelopes were reviewed in total?
b) How many absentee envelopes were approved? Were these envelopes opened and run through the voting machine?
c) How many absentee envelopes were marked as deficient? How many were spoiled, with plans to reissue a new ballot to the voter?
d) Has the Board of Elections notified all voters with previously-held deficient ballots of their voting options?
e) Did the Board experience any conflicts while reviewing absentee envelopes (e.g. disputes over whether to approve any given ballot)?
f) Was there any business conducted at the meeting not related to Absentee Review? If so, what was shared?
g) Did the Director / Board share any information related to the Early Voting challenges or Election Day changes? If so, what was shared?
NOTES - Absentee Meeting Follow Ups
Election Disputes *
NOTES – Take note of: what candidates, issues or election practices are being contested; what happened at the meeting and what’s next.
Voting Equipment or Software (for example, voting booths, machines, SEIMS, poll books) *
NOTES – Take note of: type of equipment or software being discussed, pros and cons, budget concerns or questions
Voter Education *
NOTES – Take note of: educating voters about Voter ID and new voting rules, other changes.
List Maintenance *
NOTES – Take note of: # of voters removed from voter rolls or classified as “inactive”; what happened in the discussion of list maintenance and what’s the next step
Director’s Report *
NOTES – Take note of: all the items the director includes; typically, most are important
Disputes & Controversies *
NOTES - Take note of: conflicts about issues, practices or people and what each board member said about them
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