#eegmanylabs entry survey
#eegmanylabs is a crowdsourced replication project aimed to test replicability of studies employing EEG/ERP methods. This is a survey collecting information about potential collaborators in the initiative. The list of the studies will be defined separately. If you have a team of researchers at your institution who are willing to contribute to the project, please fill this form out. You can revoke your decision at any point. If you have any questions, please send them to Yuri Pavlov (yurigpavlov@gmail.com).
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We value any contribution to the goals of the project. Even if you don't have capacity to collect data there are multiple ways how you can contribute.
Can your lab participate as a data collection site?
We understand that your response largely depends on the topic of the studies chosen for replication. Please give your answer providing there is a study you are interested to replicate amongst the chosen ones. Nomination of the studies will be available soon.
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