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What would it be like if you could work around your life? Imagine being able to do the work you enjoy, while having time for the people you love, AND to pursue your passions.

Job Share Connect creates job share partnerships between talented individuals and progressive companies looking to recruit and/or retain top talent. We tap into a talent pool that is looking for work opportunities outside of the traditional 8-5 work schedule. We use a proprietary matching process to match individuals on both similar and/or complimentary skills, to fill one full-time position that fulfills business needs and creates ideal job share partnerships.

Job sharing is a multi-generational solution for anyone looking for flexible work options to promote work-life harmony, including:

• Pre-retirees/Baby Boomers
• Skilled workers who leave the workforce to care for children, aging parents, family or medical
• Gen Xers and Millennials with busy families and lives
• Professionals pursuing an advanced degree

We want job sharing to be part of the future workforce, but we need your survey input to help us get there!

*Please forward this survey to anyone who would benefit from flexible work options.*

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