SwampCon: Frontier Costume Contest Registration

All Costume Contestants should be familiar with the rules listed below.


- To register for the Costume Contest, attendees can sign up either online through our website’s registration form or during the convention at the registration desk on the second floor. Registering online will guarantee a spot in the contest’s judging. There will be time on both Saturday and Sunday to sign-up for a spot in the contest, but time may be limited due to how many entrants the judge can reasonably judge before having to make a decision.

- Costume Prejudging will take place during the Sunday of the contest in the East Wing of the Rion Ballroom. Contestants who signed up online will be informed of the times and locations via email before the convention. Contestants who sign up during SwampCon will be given a directions and times after registering. All contestants should report early to prejudging. Contestants who do not report to judging will be disqualified from the show, but may still participate if they’d simply like to showcase their costume.

- Contestants will be asked a series of questions that refer to the construction, creativity, and functionality of their costume. If you are modeling for a costume created by someone else, please bring the craftsman to the prejudging as well.

- Contestants are to head backstage of the Grand Ballroom an hour before the show begins.

- During the show the contestants' name as well as their character's name will be announced to the audience. Each contestant will be given a limited time to strike a few poses for the audience and shot out a few snappy one-liners, however there won’t be enough time for an extended skit.

- SwampCon staffers are here to be helpful. If you find yourself lost or unable to locate where the prejudging/event will be held we will gladly assist.


- The University of Florida’s policy strictly forbids any live steel or realistic prop guns. If you’d like to use something that looks like a weapon for your costume, you must have it checked and marked with tape or an orange tipped muzzle. Veer on the side of caution if you’re unsure and allow SwampCon staff to check it over.

- All costumes must be largely hand-made.

- Please respect the judges and other contestants. If victory is not yours that day there’s always next year. We’re all here to have a good time and appreciate the efforts of ALL the contestants.

- If you find yourself not having fun during the event we will sic intergalactic Bounty Hunters on you to teach you the meaning of fun.

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