Note segmentation experiment


Thank you for participating in this study! We are collecting data in order to understand how different people perceive melody in flamenco singing. The experiment should take around 30 minutes. Please set aside some time so you can complete it in one sitting, without interruptions. The use of high-quality headphones/speakers is preferred, but not necessary.

In this experiment, you will be presented with 10 short excerpts of flamenco singing. For each segment, you will be asked to segment it into notes, as if you had to play this melody with a piano.

You will be asked to use the Tony software for that task.


1. Download and install "Tony: a tool for melody transcription" for your operating system. You can download it from
On the web, you will also find a tutorial on how to use it. Please watch it to get familiarized with it.

2. Download and decompress the 10 excerpts (audio files + Tony session files) from

For each of the 10 Tony sessions (".ton"), named from 01 until 10, please follow the same steps:

3. Open the session file *.ton with Tony. If needed, locate the corresponding mp3 (audio) file.

4. Listen to the audio file several times in order to get familiar with it.

5. Segment it into notes by inserting note boundaries when you think it is appropriate. As a strategy, imagine that you have transcribe this melody to be played on a piano.
- You can select the "Edit" icon and click on top of a note. Afterwards, you can add note onsets by clicking at the target time position below the note.
- You can also use “Navigate” tool and the character “/”, or the option “Edit/Split note” to insert a note.

6. When you consider the note segmentation correct, please save the modified session using the option "Save Session" and .ton extension.
When finished with all the files:

7. Compress all the .ton files into a zip / rar file with your name/alias and send it by e-mail to using the subject [Note Segmentation]

8. Fill up the questions available in the following pages and send it too.

Thanks for your help!

Contact: / Visiting professor - QMUL / Associate professor MTG - UPF Barcelona

    TONY screenshot