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Please fill in the following form to assist Sustainable Coastlines in conceptualising your upcoming event. This information will be used by staff to streamline conversations with you around the delivery of your event. The information here does not need to be exact and final, but rather is to provide an indication as a starting point for planning your event. The information you supply will not be shared with any other party.
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As our events are outdoors, we'll always have a rain date up our sleeve.
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Catering starts at $15 per head for a packed lunch (minimum 30 people) up to a selection of onsite BBQ options - we can discuss this in detail with you later.
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Would you like tea and coffee made on site or cold Phoenix Organics afterwards?
$3 each per person
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Do you want Sustainable Coastlines to arrange transport to and from the event?
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Are you interested in becoming a sponsor of Sustainable Coastlines?
Benefits include a beach clean-up or planting day, brand association, logo usage rights, content creation, PR and media opportunities, staff and community engagement, impact reporting, use of our event space, and exposure to the Sustainable Coastlines network, and more.
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