School Climate Survey-Parents
My Child Attends *
My child’s school environment is clean and in good condition. *
My child feels safe at school. *
Communication with families occurs in an open and respectful manner. *
School staff encourages students to respect each other’s differences (for example, gender, race, culture, etc.). *
Adults who work at my child’s school treat students with respect. *
School staff has a positive impact on my child’s behavior. *
The teachers in the school have built strong relationships with my child. *
I know what is going on in my child’s school. *
Teachers assign high quality homework that helps my child learn. *
Teachers at my child’s school set high standards for students. *
My child’s teachers encourage students to think independently. *
The academic needs of students are met at my child’s school. *
My child’s academic performance has improved because of the staff at this school. *
I am actively involved with my child’s school. *
My child has pride in the school. *
I am well-informed about how my child is doing in school. *
I feel welcome at my child’s school. *
The teachers at my child’s school regularly inform me of my child’s progress. *
I know what my child’s teacher expects of my child. *
Overall, I am satisfied with the way my child's school communicates with me. *
As a parent, I am well-informed on everything happening at my child's school. *
Overall, I am satisfied with my child’s school. *
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