Officiate at the Swim GSA January Jump Start OQM at GAC
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January 17-20, 2020 at GAC, Greensboro, NC

Welcome to the 2020 Swim GSA January Jump Start. Please sign up by filling out the form below and submitting. Requests for assigned positions should be submitted by December 15 to ensure full consideration.

This is an Officials National Qualifying meet (OQM) offering OPTIONAL N2 evaluations as well as N3 S&T evaluations according to USA Swimming's National Certification Program. Anyone requesting an evaluation must meet USA Swimming's requirements for evaluation as found on the USA Swimming site on the Officials resource page at Requests for evaluations in assigned positions should be submitted by December 14. Requests for S&T evaluations should be submitted by January 10.

If you have any questions about officiating at the meet or about the certification process, please contact the NCS Officials Chair, John Jewell, at jmjswim(at) or the Meet Referees, Trish Martin or Mike Trexler, at pksmartin13(at) or mike_trexler(at)

Thank you for your interest in officiating and we look forward to seeing you on deck.

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