Ultrapancake's Art Commission Form!
You want an art commission from hit internet plush artist Ultrapancake? You're in the right place! Fill out this form and I'll be able to work out a price for you!

All drawings are done traditionally with inks and watercolor. Flat colors/minimal shading only. I usually work on art commissions on the weekends and in between plushie commissions, so please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be completed!

I will draw most things ranging from humans to furries to chibi/cartoony animals to anthropomorphized objects. Simple/cartoony robots are ok. Cartoony gore is ok.
I WIL NOT draw nudity/explicit sexual content or complex things like mechs. If you're not sure if I will draw something, feel free to ask!

If you have questions about anything that aren't answered by this form, drop me an email at ultrapancake@hotmail.com!
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Your Email Address (Please double check your spelling. if you spell it wrong, I can't contact you) *
What style of drawing do you want? *
Since the drawing is done traditionally with inks and watercolors, do you want the original shipped to you? (Prices here are estimated and will be calculated upon purchase) *
What is the name of the character you want drawn (if applicable)?
Is the character an Original Character, or are they from an existing media? (show, book, movie etc.) If they are from an existing media, please list the name of that as well. *
Please link some high quality, full body reference pictures that show the character's entire design from head to toe. Feel free to list any details or specific things about the design that you think I should be aware of. Very detailed clothing may be simplified. *
Is there a specific pose, action or emotion that you would like to have expressed in the drawing? Feel free to link pose/expression references and be as specific as you can.
Do you want more than one character interacting together in the art piece? *
Are there any other things you'd like me to know about, or any questions that you need answered?
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