Bronystate Movie Night - June User Submissions Form
The theme is "SINGING"!  When times are tough, or joyful, or any sort of mood, do you find that you just want to break down into song?  We're looking for some films that capture the feeling of singing your emotions out loud to the world.  It doesn't have to be a musical, mind, just a film with singing involved in some way.

Please note that your submission will be reviewed by the Bronystate staff prior to its inclusion in next month's vote.  Because of the number of people voting, keep in mind that submitting a suggestion in this way does NOT guarantee its inclusion in next month's vote.

Please get your submissions in before June 8th!
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Please make sure that your suggestion fits the "theme" above, and be sure to note which version you're voting for if the film has any remakes.
Provide a download link to your suggested film.
This is not required, but if you do select an obscure film that is difficult for us to locate and do not provide a download link, your entry is less likely to be included on next month's list.  We will only accept a functioning download link. That means no YouTube or Dailymotion links, no links to wikis, no telling us it's on iTunes, and no promises that you "can supply a copy".  WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT A DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK, OR A LINK TO A TORRENT.
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