Conflict Form - Pirates 2018
Each class will have ONE Dress Rehearsal and ONE Show.
Dress Rehearsal attendance is MANDATORY.
Each student MUST attend his/her own rehearsal, not any other.

If you have any MAJOR conflicts between NOV 26 through DEC 16th, a conflict form must submitted by the following deadline:


Conflicts submitted after OCT 25th will NOT be considered.
Conflict dates/times WITHOUT A GIVEN EXPLANATION will NOT be considered.
Only MAJOR conflicts will be considered.

The dates of your child's Dress Rehearsal and Show will be announced the week following the deadline.

Student Name(s) *
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Class *
Please mark the class day/time your student attends. (M6 is Monday, 6pm class)
Conflicts *
Please mark all dates (and AM or PM on Saturdays and Sundays) that you have a MAJOR conflict.
Reason *
Please explain the importance of your conflict(s) with the date(s)/times(s) marked. Only MAJOR conflicts will be considered (weddings, dance competitions, school concerts that are for a grade, etc). Please let us know the specific times you are or aren't available on Saturdays and Sundays.
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