June 2020 Meal Survey
We would like to get parents opinions on how things are going with our school closure meals. We are looking at running our Summer Lunch Program as "pick-up" meals just like the school closure meals. The meals will be available for selected weeks throughout the summer. We are looking at continued pick up at our established locations and possibly delivering to those who cannot get to our sites.
There are a few changes you will see for our Summer Lunch Program. Pick-up days will be on Tuesdays(2 meals) and Wednesdays(3 meals). Please note the time changes below. We will no longer be sending individual cartons of milk. Each family will get gallons or half gallons of white and chocolate milk(depending on number of children). Milk for the week will be sent with Tuesday meals. If you only sign up for Wednesday pick-up, your milk will be sent at that time. Each breakfast will consist of one main entree and a fruit. Lunch will include one main entree, juice/fruit and a vegetable. We understand that some parents are working and are not able to pick up during the available times. Delivery will be available for those families who cannot make any of the pick up times. Anyone can pick up meals including children. If you need to make changes after you have signed up or if you have any questions, please call Michelle at school 608-734-3411 EXT: 112 or Ashley Roberts 608-397-4454.
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When signing up, please select the number of CHILDREN you are getting meals for. Each child will receive a breakfast and a lunch.
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Please share any suggestions or ideas that you may wish to share about the Food Program.
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