NDSA Collection Preservation Registry
The purpose of this form is to collect information on digital collections held by members of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance that have some level of digital preservation. Please see http://www.loc.gov/extranet/wiki/osi/ndiip/ndsa/index.php?title=Content_Registry_Fields for a description of the fields and an explanation of the criteria for Digital Preservation Levels I, II and III.
Name of Specific Collection *
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Collection Availablilty *
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Collection Start Date (Optional)
What is the earliest date associated with your collection?
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Collection End Date (Optional)
What is the latest date associated with your collection?
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Collection Location (Optional)
What place, region, or area are the objects in the collection primarily associated with. type in Global if the collection has no specific geographic association.
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Collection Latitude/Longitude (Optional)
If you have a point of lat,lng associated with the coverage location please fill it in here.
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Primary Subject Matter *
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If your collection is weighted towards a certain format, please choose it here.
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