JordanCon 2019 Friday Night Writers Workshop
The Annual JordanCon Writers Workshop on Friday night is free to attend, but advanced signup is required. Please fill out the form below and attach your writing sample as a pdf, docx, or rtf. Please limit your submission to 1000 words in length. Also, be mindful of the genre category as we will use this to sort you into your critique groups. Any questions can be directed to

Groups will be divided into 2-3 attendees to 1-2 guests, depending on how many of each have signed up. The Writers Track will print enough copies of all advanced-submitted work for each group, and groups will provide peer and professional feedback after having read the selection together. This workshop will run as long as it takes for each member of the group to get their feedback, typically a few hours.

The deadline for Submission is April 15th.

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