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Wendy's Gymnastics & Fitness Acknowledgement of Risk, Covid Policies, Release of Liability & Medical Consent


1. Acknowledgement of risk – Wendy’s Gymnastics and Fitness for Children is a place to learn gymnastics; it is not a recreational facility. As trained instructors in the sport of gymnastics, our primary concern is the safety of all participants, including parents and guardians. For this reason, we ask that the following be carefully read, acknowledged and agreed to by signature.

A. Gymnastics, by its very nature, involves physical activity such as jumping, twisting, flipping and landing and as such, there is a risk of serious injury inherent to the sport, including fractures, tears or ruptures of muscle or connective tissue, spinal injuries, and head and neck injuries. Activities involving motion, height and/or speed create the possibility of serious injury.

B. To reduce the risk of injury during participation and to maintain a safe learning environment, rules and regulations are established that must be followed by everyone. Failure to follow these rules could result in serious injury.

2. Release of Liability – I, personally and on behalf of my child, hereby release Wendy’s Gymnastics, Inc. (including all of its agents, representatives, employees, independent contractors, and assigns) from any and all liability, claims, or damages that may arise from any program or activity on the premises, including those which result from the negligent acts or omissions of Wendy’s Gymnastics, Inc. I grant Wendy’s Gymnastics, Inc permission to use my child’s image for social media purposes, including our website.

3. Medical Consent – In the event of a medical emergency involving my child when no parent or guardian can be reached, I consent to my child receiving any and all necessary medical treatment.


1. The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by federal and Ohio governmental entities and health authorities, and COVID-19 infections have been confirmed in Ohio. COVID-19 is highly contagious and poses serious health risks. It is still not fully known how COVID-19 is spread, and it is believed that individuals with no symptoms of COVID-19 can still be carriers of the disease and cause infection in others. Although COVID-19 is considered most dangerous to people with advanced age or pre-existing health conditions, there are cases of young, healthy people (including children) with no known pre-existing conditions becoming seriously ill or dying as a result of COVID-19. Further, the long-term effects of COVID-19 infection are still largely unknown.

2. Your safety and the safety of our instructors are among our highest priorities. Accordingly, we have instituted new policies and procedures specifically designed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, including the operating requirements issued by the Ohio Department of Health. These policies are provided to you in a separate document. Please review these policies carefully and follow them at all times so that Wendy’s Gymnastics can remain a fun, educational, and safe space for everyone.

3. Because of the unique nature of COVID-19’s transmission, however, we cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed to COVID-19 while at Wendy’s Gymnastics despite our best efforts and the best efforts of the entire Wendy’s Gymnastics family. Thus, before participating in any activities at Wendy’s Gymnastics, you should carefully consider your and your child’s risk factors and pre-existing conditions that could result in substantial health complications due to COVID-19. You are encouraged to consult a doctor.

4. Release of Liability. I, personally and on behalf of my child, hereby release Wendy’s Gymnastics, Inc. (including all of its agents, representatives, employees, independent contractors, and assigns) from any and all liability, claims, or damages that may arise from COVID-19 exposure or infection related to or in connection with any program or activity on the premises, including those which result from the negligent acts or omissions of Wendy’s Gymnastics, Inc.

Your electronic signature acknowledges and agrees individually and as a parent/guardian, as well as on behalf of participant *
Please read and review with your child prior to participation at Wendy's Gymnastics & Fitness for ChildrenCORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 SAFETY RULES
Below are the new safety policies created by Wendy’s Gymnastics in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These policies will, unfortunately, change the way that Wendy’s Gymnastics is run, and will be our “new normal” for the foreseeable future, but they are necessary for the safety of the entire Wendy’s Gymnastics family. It is imperative that you follow all of these policies to reduce the risk of your and others’ exposure to COVID-19—especially because many of these policies are required by law. Failure to follow safety rules can result in suspension or termination of services at the sole discretion of Wendy’s Gymnastics.
a. You must follow all written and oral directives by Wendy’s Gymnastics, whether or not specifically identified in these rules.
b. You must follow all federal, state, and local laws, including those related to COVID-19.
c. Anyone seeking to enter the facility will be required to check in, sign in, and undergo a short oral health screening before entering. You may not enter Wendy’s Gymnastics if any of the following applies to you:
i. You have had within the previous 14 days any symptoms potentially related to COVID-19, including fever, body aches, cough, shortness of breath or other respiratory difficulties, tiredness, sore throat, diarrhea, nasal congestion, nausea, vomiting, or new loss of taste or smell.
ii. You have had any contact within the previous 14 days with anyone who has a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.
iii. You have, within the previous 14 days, returned from a highly impacted area subject to a Center for Disease Control (CDC) Level 3 Travel Health Notice, or been exposed to any person who has returned from an area subject to a CDC Level 3 Travel Health Notice. The CDC Travel Health Network is continuously updating the list and is accessible on the CDC’s website.
iv. You have been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the previous 21 days, or are under quarantine, separation, or observation due to having a potential or suspected case of COVID-19.
d. You must maintain at least 6 feet of space from all other persons to the extent possible, and it is highly recommended that you avoid all physical contact with other individuals (aside from co-habiting family members) unless absolutely necessary. Socializing and extra-curricular activity is not allowed except as part of a class.
e. At this time, participants are not required to wear a mask, but can, if safely possible, if you prefer. The instructors are required by the state of Ohio to wear masks. It is also required by the State of Ohio that all adults wear a mask covering the mouth and nose at all times while at Wendy’s Gymnastics.
f. Please arrive no more than 5-7 minutes prior to your scheduled class/activity. Unless otherwise directed, please enter through the Blue Gym and exit Wendy’s Gymnastics through the Red Gym as soon as possible after your scheduled class/activity is over.
g. If the child requires a parent or guardian to accompany him or her into the facility, only one parent or guardian per child is permitted.
h. Use of our cubbies is discouraged. It is recommended that your child arrive at the facility dressed for the class. When possible, please keep your child’s shoes with the adult, when moving from the Blue Gym (entrance) to the Red Gym (exit).
i. You must wash hands thoroughly and frequently while at Wendy’s Gymnastics, including at minimum when you enter Wendy’s Gymnastics and before or after any activity.
j. All equipment will be cleaned with disinfectant spray or wipes between activities and classes throughout the day. The entire facility is professionally cleaned and sanitized nightly.
k. Wendy’s Gymnastics will post directional signage in the facility. Please follow all directional signage.

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