Diversity Philosophy Profile
Together with BoardAgender, HCLI examined what needs to be done at corporate boards so that we can achieve 20% female directors on local boards by 2020. Read the research report to learn more: http://bit.ly/research2020
My board believes in a neutral merit-based system of selecting the most suitable director for the job. *
Diversity is not one of the top concerns of my board. *
My board believes that gender diversity is an issue that will find its own solution over time. *
My board believes that progress in gender issues on boards can be made only when we commit resources to address it. *
My board recognises the importance of having directors from different genders, but it is beyond our control to ensure that we have a gender diverse board. *
My board prioritises having directors with the right business experience and achieving the right working dynamics among directors over being gender diverse. *
My board seeks to be gender balanced, and this belief is deeply embedded in our value system. *
My board believes in setting a common set of nomination and selection criteria for directors regardless of their gender. This will help ensure that we have a levelled playing field. *
My board believes that we will continue to function well even if we do not have any female directors. *
All directors on my board are treated as equals and everyone has the same standing. *
My board is consciously aware that there are biases against the nomination and selection of female directors and we actively seek to find ways to overcome those biases. *
Gender diversity on boards will occur naturally without boards having to force the change. *
Gender imbalance on boards can be attributed to the lack of suitable female candidates who are suitable for board roles. *
Boards should not tilt the game in favour of selecting female directors so that boards can prevent themselves from being seen as implementing affirmative actions or supporting tokenism. *
There are limited mechanisms that my board can use to address gender diversity. *
It is crucial that boards take steps to address existing gender biases so that they can achieve gender parity in the long run. *
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Do you currently sit on a corporate board? *
What is the capitalisation size of the company that you are a board member of? *
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