Request Materials from MS Library!
Your Middle School Library is NOW FILLING Requests for Pickup!
Books, DVDs, and Books on CD are available to pickup:
***Middle School Commons from 4:00 to 6:00 pm M-F.
***Library Materials return is possible at the same time as pickup in the Middle School Commons (White Basket Just inside the Main Entrance).

If you have books that you are finished with, please return what you have out!
(6th graders! If you still have LS Library books from last school year, return them to MS and I'll make sure they get to their home in the LS Library!!)

Fill out this form BELOW. We will do our best to fulfill as quickly as we can, but wait for an email from us to confirm that your Pick-up is ready. Email will be sent to students, family.

To check for specific titles, search the online CGS Library Catalog,
found on the Middle School LibGuides:

Or go to

Keep looking at the Middle School LibGuide home page to see what's new!
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To receive a "Surprise Pack" (around 5 books): Give us an idea of what you'd like. (Genre of Fiction, Non-Fiction topic, Graphic Novel, Audio on CD, DVD)
Specific Titles: (If you type a Series Title, let me which number in the series you're looking for)
If the specific title(s) above is/are not available now, please put me "ON HOLD" so I'll be on the list to receive later.
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If you're looking for a book that MS library doesn't currently own, put your suggestion(s) below!
Questions, comments, or other things we need to know about this request? Suggestions are also most welcome as we get going with MS Library Materials Pickup/Return.,
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