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Full approval into the 2021-22 program will be according to this registration, payment, and adherence to the new years' policies including behavior, attendance, punctuality, respect, and timeliness of payments. New students may sign up as of June 4, 2021. Earlier registration will be disregarded. Remember that in addition to registration, each family needs to watch the Parent/Dancer  Orientation Meeting that will be in August 2021.  
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My parents and I will attend the Orientation in AUgust.  I fully understand what I am committing to for the year with my Team and My Coaches. *
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I  understand that Silhouette is built to be a fun and safe environment for each child to find their voice and enjoy dancing and being with good friends *
I  understand that Silhouette is NOT a competitive place where the program can concentrate on one person.  Decisions are made for the benefit of the WHOLE TEAM and not just one or two people *
I  understand that if I  am unsatisfied by the Coaches, Mission, Teaching Style, or the Policies & Procedures of Silhouette that I should NOT remain with Silhouette.  I  will carefully consider this at the beginning of each year so that I can CHOOSE to fully commit to my team for the year in all aspects OR choose to withdraw before a new school year begins. *
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