Loft Request Form - 2019
If you live in Arnold Hall, Founders Court (Darst, Deweese, Ford, Myers), Alumni Court (B, C, D, E), or Gunz Hall, your furniture is all moveable and can be arranged any way you wish. The normal height of your bed is called a “low loft”. It is several feet off of the ground and high enough to store things underneath, including a mini fridge. Your beds can also be bunked. If you wish to “high loft” your bed to make it even higher, please complete the form below. We have a limited amount of extensions available that we can offer on a first come/first serve basis free of charge.

(If you live in Langston Hall, high lofts are not available for your building. You are welcome to "stack" your bed on top of the other furniture in your room when you arrive as the furniture in Langston Hall is "stackable". However, people rarely do this as most have plenty of space without it.)

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Allen, Director of Housing Operations, at or (309) 467-6419 or Jason Hasty, Facilities, at or (309) 467-6394.
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If this request is being made AFTER Move-In Day (or if you just have a preference), please specify if your bed is on the RIGHT or LEFT side of the room when you are looking into your room from the doorway.
Please check if you are requesting a HIGH LOFT or a BUNK BED. (Low lofts are already provided in each room.) NOTE - YOU CAN ONLY PLACE A REQUEST FOR A LOFT FOR YOURSELF. YOUR ROOMMATE MUST PLACE THEIR OWN REQUEST. *
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