Imper1um Photography - AWA 2016 Signup Form
Hello everyone! I will be travelling back to Georgia for Anime Weekend Atlanta, in Georgia. I had an awesome time last year. I know we had a lot of issues with rain last year, but this year, hopefully it won't be as dreary. I can't wait to head up there.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016, Cobb Galleria & Renaissance Waverly, Atlanta, FL (September 29-October 2, 2016) (Available Sep 29-Oct 2).

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you.
What I Offer
- I will offer one (1) hour long shoot for you in the time slot you selected, if time is available.
- I will sort through all of the shots, and delete all of the shots that are calibration shots, or too bad to be used in any way.
- I will upload the rest of the shots to Flickr as a Private Album.
- You can choose shots that you want me to fully edit, which can range from background edits, skin smoothing, adjustments to body, lighting effects, etc.
- Once done, I will upload these pictures to Flickr as a Private Album.
- You can approve none, any or all pictures.
- You may use any of the pictures I post privately for sharing at any time, but sharing these pictures will result in your approval to share them on my social media.
About Pricing and Sharing
I do not charge for non-commercial shoots. You will be authorized to share all of the pictures I provide to you. HOWEVER, If you post a picture publicly:
1. That picture is now authorized by you to use publicly on my social media and portfolio.
2. You *MUST* include the unedited logo of Imper1um Photography (usually in the bottom right corner) OR link my Instagram/Facebook whenever you share it. Failure to do so is against the terms of our license agreement.
Your (Legal) Name *
First and Last Name, what would be on your Driver's License (if you have one). I use this for legal purposes. If you do not fill in your broadcast name, I use your untagged first name for picture mentions.
Your Broadcast Name
If different than above, what name do you want me to broadcast your pictures as the model name?
Your Email *
I need an email to send notifications to you. This will not be shared.
Your Phone Number
This is optional, but recommended
Your Birth Date *
Your legal birthdate. If you are under 13, I cannot work with you. Its a legal thing. If you are under 18, I am restricted in what shots you can ask of me to take. Sorry, its the law. (plus, it makes me uncomfortable)
Your Character *
What is the name of your character that you will be cosplaying?
Character Series *
What series is your character from?
What is your facebook page name? If possible, include a link. Do not use personal Facebooks, I do not use them for links.
What is your Instagram page name? If possible, include a link.
Other Models
If you have other models, I need their Legal Name, Broadcast Name, Birthdate, Facebook, Instagram, Character and Series.
About the Shoot
Available (Start) Times
Please select the slots you are available for photoshoots. I will try to start the shoot in the time selected.
Could Do it
Not Available
Thursday, 10a-12p
Thursday, 12-2p
Thursday, 2-4p
Thursday, 4-6p
Thursday, 6-8p
Thursday, 8-10p
Thursday, 10p-12a
Friday, 12-2a
Friday, 2-4a
Friday, 8-10a
Friday, 10a-12p
Friday, 12-2p
Friday, 2-4p
Friday, 4-6p
Friday, 6-8p
Friday, 8-10p
Friday, 10p-12a
Saturday, 12-2a
Saturday, 2-4a
Saturday, 8-10a
Saturday, 10a-12p
Saturday, 12-2p
Saturday, 2-4p
Saturday, 4-6p
Saturday, 6-8p
Saturday, 8-10p
Saturday, 10p-12a
Sunday, 12-2a
Sunday, 2-4a
Sunday, 8-10a
Sunday, 10a-12p
Sunday, 12-2p
Sunday, 2-4p
Sunday, 4-6p
Sunday, 6-8p
Sunday, 8-10p
Clear selection
Requested Shots
In your own words, tell me what kind of shots you want. If you can, include locations around the convention, angles you want, types of shots, etc. If you need help filling this in, please contact me on Imper1um Photography Page.
Commercial License *
Do you request a commercial license for your pictures? This would allow you to make prints of my pictures and sell them, or sell them digitally. Normally, photoshoots are free, but commercial licenses would require a business agreement.
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